Welcome to my blog in this instance we will be discussing talking about the planning stage of the migration – hopefully this will provide some assistance if you are doing or planning a migration from Azure V1 to Azure V2 or ASM to ARM.

To find yourself, Think for yourself. – Socrates

I was given this migration to do at my current place of employment which was a great experience for me to go through as I have studied Microsoft Azure and Office 365 so this was a great hands on- learning experience.

Tools you will need

  • PowerShell
  • ASM Cmdlet
  • ARM Cmdlet

Refer to documentation

First off I presented my superiors a high level overview of what we needed to accomplish

Microsoft Azure Image
High level overview of azure plan ( excuse my drawing ability )

This in a nutshell is how the migration will work -Microsoft will not let you commit the migration unless you have no errors with the validation.

Make sure you have all of your classic infrastructure detailed in an excel spreadsheet so that you can refer and check everything once migrated.



These are the links that I used Рyou should read over before doing anything  with the migration.

Classic Vnet Migration Info – Jawadchowdbury

Removing Extensions in Azure Classic

Microsoft Migration – classic resources

VPN Gateway Info

VPN Gateway Migration

Migration information – Petri









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